Hook Master

Hook Master is a new idea that moves the concept of a hook lift into a new era. Its unique
features give Hook Master greater versatility and new fields of application beyond the reach
of conventional hook lifts. The new technology with no wear parts such as chains or slide
rails means low maintenance costs and greater utilization. With Hook Master, JOAB offers
a complete range of hook lifts for every haulage need.

Hook Master

  • 17, 20 and 25 metric tons lift and tip capacity.
  • Adapted for 2, 3 and 4-axle chassis. 
  • The hook height complies with both SMS and DIN standards and suits most hook lift bodies available on the market.
  • Low building height (178 mm).
  • Hookmaster has a 55 degree tip angle as standard. 
  • Upright position (93 degrees) and lift below ground level are available as extras.
  • The folding hook column gives a lower pull-angle, with low roof heights and reduces the risk of load displacement when loading.
  • The lift hook features a safety catch as standard.
  • Robust design for increased strength and long life.
  • Extensive option range designed for just your requirements.
  • Prepared for Cameleont swap system.
  • Apart of our construction concept FBS, which comprises corrosion-resistant products (ready-painted during assembly). FBS also gives shorter lead times.
  • As a customer you benefit through many years of profitable ownership.

Our products have always promoted safety and user friendliness. The hook lifts include numerous parts and components that increase safety for the driver and facilitate operation. 


Radio remote control
Fast run system
Crane platform studs
Tank, valve and tool brackets
Impact tested head board
Hydraulic container lock
Tank, valve and tool brackets
Sleeves in the head board

Hookmaster Volvo.pdf